Wedding Format - Order of Events

The following events are generally part of a wedding ceremony and reception. Please use this as a guide when planning your event. The order can be changed if you'd like, however we suggest the format below as it works well.


Guests Arrive (15 minutes prior to start time) Background music  
Mothers' Entrances Can be entire song or fade when seated
Groom, Officiant & Groomsmen Entrances Silence (most common) or background music
Bridesmaids' Entrances Can be entire song or fade when seated
Bride's Entrance Short pause, then song - can be entire song or fade
Music interludes if needed Between readings, after vows, candle or sand ceremony
Recessional Usually upbeat song - entire


Cocktail Hour Your choice of music Can be any style- about 20 songs
Introductions 15 minutes Prior to dinner Background music, announce parents, bridal party, Bride and Groom - all walk to dance floor and will create a backdrop for Bride and Groom
First Dance 3 minutes - special song

Bride & Groom dance alone
Or can have others join after 1st chorus

Toasts Mic to be provided Best Man, Maid of Honor and others if desired
Be sure champagne/other is poured prior to announcements or notify guests to get drink from bar
Blessing Mic to be provided Officiant, Parents, or selected guest
Dinner Your choice of Dinner music Can be any style- about 20 songs
Cake Cutting Ceremony Special Song
Parents' Dances Father/Daughter, Mother/Son, Children's/ Family Dance, or other Can be one song for each, or may combine songs if desired
Bouquet Toss, Garter Removal and Toss, Recipients' Garter Picture Immediately following Parents' Dances Have bouquet and garter ready prior to cake cutting to avoid lapse
Dance Time Immediately following Bouquet and Garter - usually starts with a fun dance everyone can do Till the end
Last Dance 5 minutes before the end Special Song
Bubbles, Sparklers, Send-Off Final Announcement to guests to go to a specific location for send off Be ready to pass out whatever is being used for send off