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Call Music Mania Events at 407-792-4631 to hire a professional Karaoke service. Our Karaoke rental company includes an experienced, fun Karaoke Host for your event in Orlando Florida and the Central Florida area.

Music Mania DJ

Karaoke Events include our basic DJ set up (required) plus your selected Karaoke and add on options. Lyrics are on screen unless Modified Karaoke is selected. With so many options, we understand if you need some help deciding - so please call us at 407-792-4631.

Hire a Karaoke DJ!

Karaoke Set Up with Lights and Live Projection to TV

Kids Karaoke Parties

This is the ultimate Rock-Star Party for kids.

Give them a chance to take center stage and shine!

Ages 7 and under - we recommend Modified Karaoke & Live Projection

Ages 8 and up - Go for the Karaoke Pro Set-Up - our Birthday Party Special!


Karaoke Party at a Home

Teen Karaoke Parties

Our Teen Karaoke parties include 1 or 2 interactive DJs, Options for Contests- Current Karaoke Songs from our Karaoke LIbrary as well as online karaoke instant downloads (when wifi is available) for the latest karaoke hits. Karaoke is a perfect activity to turn awkward "should we dance now" moments into laughs and keep up the maximum energy level.


Adult Karaoke Parties

This is a must-have at Milestone Birthday Parties, Family Reunions and Corporate Events!

It takes Adults a little while to 'warm up'.

We recommend starting with Trivia as an ice-breaker, so they'll be ready for Karaoke and Dancing faster than you can say Alex Trebek! 

Karaoke & Trivia Package Options


Things That Make You Go "Hummm"

Want to keep your party 'humming along'?  Here are some suggestions:

Go for group karaoke sing-along using the projector and screen.  Our DJs will pass the mic to the crowd so no one has to formally take the stage.

Have a Karaoke Show during the party. 

Guests can pre-register with us and we'll put on an American Idol style segment as a highlight during the party.

Hire a DJ

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