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Music Mania Events DJ & Karaoke service brings budget friendly DJs and the party music to your location! Featured is a kids birthday party... proving you can have a blast with a few friends and the right DJ. Serving Orlando and Central Florida with budget friendly prices and experienced entertainers.

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Hula Hoop Contest Fun!
Hula Hoop Contest Fun! Kids Event with DJ - Karaoke & Contests
Kids Event with DJ - Karaoke & Contests
Outdoor parties with cool fun
Rock Star!
Rock Star! It's Never too Early to Start . .
It's never too early to start . .

C'mon Ride The Train. . .

C'mon Ride The Train. . .

Kids Party dance contest Kids Party Dance Contest Sweet 16 Party
Sweet 16 Party
Teen Party with DJ Lights Karaoke Video & Screen

Kids Birthday Party Entertainment:

Schools We Have Worked For

Light Effects, Live Projection & Dance Contest
Light Effects, Live Projection & Dance Contest
You can watch yourself dance on our TV

Each birthday party is unique - Just like YOU!  From DJ Music that Rocks to interactive games and contests, Music Mania Events is playing your tune!

Choose from:

Theme Party Fun
 Theme Party Fun   
Music Mania Events DJ & Karaoke Party
• DJ that plays kid friendly music and YOUR Requests.
• Karaoke: current songs and Party Songs kids are familiar with - lyrics are shown on our screen, tracks are great and you'll sound like a pro with our professional microphones, sound board and speakers! Sing solo or in a group.
• Group Dances: like Cupid Shuffle, Gangnam Style, Cha Cha Slide, The Wobble, Watch Me Whip, Macarena, YMCA, Electric Slide, Conga, Wop, Chicken Dance, Hokey Pokey, Soulja Boy, C'mon and Ride the Train, Freeze Dance and more.... Choose the ones you like!
Contests & Games: Limbo, Dance Contests, Hoola Hoop, Musical Chairs (or hats), Guess the song, and more. . .
Live Projection to TV:  Watch yourself on our TV while you dance and have fun with your friends
• Video Recording: You can choose to have DVDs made as favors for your guests, or just get one for yourself.
Lights and Fog - add some color to your evening or indoor party! Motion and strobe lights dance and flash to keep your guests moving!
• Kids Birthday Party Special: 2 hours of non-stop music and fun includes DJ, Party Host, Interactive dances and games, Karaoke and Live Projection to TV!!!
• Birthday Party Basic Package: 90 minutes of non-stop music and fun includes DJ, Party Host, Interactive dances and games at a great price!!!
• Do you have a special theme in mind?  Call us at 407-792-4631 or click here to reserve your DJ and we'll add the excitement!
Kids Party Limbo Contest
Kids Party Limbo Contest    
Our DJs host games and contests.
Kids Karaoke Party
Kids Karaoke Party
Karaoke Parties are always a hit with Kids of all ages!
Sweet 16 Party with DJ, Lights & Super Screen
Sweet 16 Party with DJ, Lights & Super Screen    
Taking a quick break to pose at a Sweet 16 Birthday Party

(5-10yr) Kids Birthday Party Entertainment:
Our DJs will keep them busy the entire time! We set up 1 - 2 hours in advance of our start time (no charge for set up) and start out strong with games like the Limbo, Hula Hoop contest, Freeze Dance, Lip Sync Contests, and so many more fun games. Line dances like The Whip, Cupid Shuffle, Cha Cha Slide, Gangnam Style, Hit The Quan and more will keep the party going. Modified Karaoke and Live Projection give the kids a chance to "see themselves on TV" while they sing and dance.

Song Lists | Schools We Worked For

Pre-Teen Parties:
'Tweens are ready to step up their entertainment. Karaoke and Live Projection keep things interesting. They love the games and contests and dances like the Wobble and Whip. They're big on requesting songs, so our DJs are prepared for whatever they throw at them! (Clean versions of current song )

Birthday Party Special

1 Interactive DJ, Full  Karaoke set up-( mixing board, multiple mics,
full karaoke library - WIFI required 

TV monitor with lyrics on screen,
live projection to TV through our camera for guests
to see themselves while dancing, games and contests.

Packages start at 2 hours

Prices From $353

A 2nd DJ is recommended for Karaoke
events with more than 20 guests
(to answer questions,
assist with microphones, songs, internet
searches and contest).
Add on for 2nd DJ:
$70 for 2 hours

Birthday Party Basic

Interactive DJ, games, and contests.

Packages start at 90 minutes

Prices From


A 2nd DJ is recommended for Basic
events with more than 50 guests
(to answer questions, assist with games
and contest).
Add on for 2nd DJ:
$50 for 90 minutes

Fun Pak add-on to
Birthday Party Basic
Interactive DJ, Modified Karaoke
(sing with original artist, no lyrics on screen)
and Live Projection to TV through our camera.
 $29 add on to
Birthday Party
Basic Package

Add a 2nd DJ

$50 and up depending on the length of the event

Options you can add: Photo Booth - Trivia - Video Recording - Video Presentation - Projector & Screen
Call Music Mania Events at 407-792-4631 in Orlando for a birthday party DJ, party games, karaoke, teen party, preteen party, or birthday entertainment.

DJ Games & Contests | Kids Party Entertainment | Orlando

Games and Contest Ideas for Your Party!

Here are a few ideas for keeping your guests involved in your party.  You will be able to choose some age-appropriate contests that are easy to follow.  The best way to have contests at a party for kids, Tweens or Teens is to have a lot of inexpensive prizes so the games are fast paced and many people can win!  Keep the size of the party area in mind when selecting a game or contest.


How It's Played

Number of Prizes Needed

Age Group

Limbo Bend Backward under the Limbo stick - if you fall or hit the stick - You're OUT! Person who can limbo the lowest is the winner. Need 2 adults to hold limbo stick. Usually One Prize, but it's good to have a 2nd on hand if there's a Tie Any age - from young kids to Teens

Lip Sync

Here's a chance to have a lot of happy winners at your party. . .  

DJ picks a song and divides everyone into groups (usually between 4-8 per group) Contestants try their best to lip sync and dance. DJ or members of your group will judge.

Winners can be awarded for Best Overall Performance, Most Creative, Most Energy, or another category that applies.

Most parties like to do this contest twice!

At least 4 prizes if you only want one group to win  (double that if you want them to play again).  We recommend having about 20+ inexpensive prizes so that a few teams can win. Suggestion for prizes: anything that comes in bulk - for younger kids: erasers, stickers; for Pre-Teens and Teens: glow bracelets, anything trendy like the rubber bracelets that come in shapes, blow up beachballs, note pads etc. . .
Kids over 8,
Teens, Adults

Dance Contest Dance To Impress the Judge (DJ).  Prizes awarded for Best Overall, Most Creative etc...

Can be done a couple times in a party if they are into it!
At least One Prize  (Double that if you want to do it twice)

Or have a few prizes so that more people can win in different categories.

Bubble Gum Contest Everyone gets 1 - 2 pieces of bubble gum (You provide bubble gum)
Form a straight line. When the music stops, anyone who has a bubble raises their hand and takes one step forward .
The person who can keep the bubble going the longest is the winner. Need an adult judge from your group. 
In addition to having a Big Bag of Bubble Gum.....

Plan on having about 3-4 prizes for this game because sometimes there is a tie.  If there isn't a tie they can do the contest a couple times in a row.

Hoola Hoop Game Everyone stands in a circle.
one person has a hoola hoop placed diagonally - over one shoulder and step through with the opposite leg. Everyone joins hands and when the music starts the hoola hoop is passed from
person to person without letting go. When the music stops, the person with the hoola hoop
You provide the hoola hoop and a small prize for each person that the music stops on, usually between 3 - 6 prizes are enough. Tweens

Guess The Song The DJ will play one second of a song. If you know the name of the song, raise your hand. You will be called on from Left to Right or the direction that is decided on in
advance. If you can guess the complete NAME of the SONG - you win! If you take more than

3 seconds to guess or guess the wrong song, the next person in line will try…. Etc…
To keep this game moving along, it's best to have enough prizes to award to a number of people.  It's a quick game, because only a second of music is played before they start guessing.

5+ Prizes recommended.

From Pre-School up to Adults like this game.

Banana Game

Kids form two lines 

2 adult volunteers to be banana throwers/catchers.

Adult throws one bean bag banana to first in line, who tries to throw it in monkey's mouth.  If it goes in its a point for that team.  Both teams do this at the same time.   DJ calls out the points for each team, as they score.  

When the song ends, the team with the most points wins.  If there are enough prizes for everyone on the team they all get a prize.

If there are only enough for one winner,  have the winning team line up and everyone gets one shot.  The winner gets the prize.  (might be more than one again)

1 to 10 prizes Ages 5 -9

The Prize Everyone stands in a circle. Kids will Pass around a small prize while the music is playing. When the music stops, the person with the prize keeps it.

Variations: hop on one foot while passing prize around. Close your eyes. One hand behind your back. Etc ...
Depending on the ages and number of kids, it's best to have at least 3 prizes and you can have as many as you'd like.  It's an easy game to win! School age kids up to about age 10

Musical Chairs Everyone knows how to do this. Line up two rows of chairs back to back.
There should be one less chair than the number of people playing. Start walking around when the music starts and when it stops take a seat. Whoever is left standing wins a prize and decides what the remaining kids will do next: hop on one foot, bark like dogs, do the macarena... need an adult or one person to take away a chair each time someone is OUT,..
1 or 2

Either 1 prize PER GUEST if each person who is "out" wins; or just 1 PRIZE for the final winner
Age 5 to 9

you will need to have enough room for the chairs, and have the chairs too!

Freeze Dance When the music starts - everyone begins dancing.
When the music Stops - everyone freezes.
If you don't stop, you're out.

In large groups, instead of being "out" we have the ones who 'just can't freeze' move to one side so they can keep dancing till the game is over.

The winner gets a prize.
Usually just one prize is needed.

For large groups, to keep the party moving along, there could be more winners.
Ages 4 - 12

Freeze Dance In The Pool:

Have the kid who can swim stand around the edge of the pool with their toes over the edge.  Make sure they are not standing over stairs or anything they shouldn't jump on.  Arms length between them.

Music Starts - everyone dances. When the music stops they jump in. 

Last person in stays in - everyone else gets out  - repeat until there is a winner . 


You can also do the reverse of this - they start in the pool and when the music stops they climb out.  Last one out stays out.  etc....  

Usually just one prize is needed.

For large groups, to keep the party moving along, there could be more winners.

Ages 6 - 12

Balloon Stomp

Customer to provide balloons and string:

At least one balloon per person, (& a few extras in case they pop before the game starts) already blown up (not too full) with elastic or string tied to it.

Be sure they all take off shoes!!!

Each person ties a balloon to their right ankle.

Stand in a circle.

When the music starts, they use their left foot to "stomp" on the  balloon of the person next to them, until it pops.  This continues until there is a winner.

1 Prize

Ages 8 and up

The excitement of the competition is the fun part,  The prizes are incidental so they don't need to be expensive.
Some parties have a couple Big Prizes instead of all the small prizes.  If that appeals to your group, then the contests become "games" and the winner gets "Bragging Rights".  It's all in good fun!